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Best Home Theater Receivers Reviews

Best Sony home theater receivers reviews

Best Sony home theater receivers reviews


Top home theater receivers from Sony


Some people search to bring into their homes that cinema feeling. For this they need a quality HDTV and a home theater system for the surround sound. But such a system must have a receiver to have full access to all its capabilities. The best home theater receivers reviews acknowledge the fact that Sony is a leading manufacturer. We have selected the most reliable receivers that bear the mark of Sony.


Sony STRDH720 AV Receiver

Best Sony home theater receivers reviewsThe Sony STRDH720 has a top price-quality ratio and we consider it to be excellent for a low budget choice. The front panel has a USB port which allows you to play music from your iPhone or smartphone. Also there are 4 HDMI inputs, so you can connect to other HD devices. By far the best ability is to upscale DVDs to HD resolutions. The best Sony home theater receivers reviews still think the STRDH720 can prove to be a quality device.

“Even though it is an old receiver, I bough it because I didn`t have the possibility of buying something more expensive. To my surprise it preforms at an excellent level. It has just 4 HDMI ports, but I am an normal user, so for me they are enough! This is a a cheap and reliable receiver! Patrick Matthews

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Sony STRDH520 AV Receiver


One of the most popular receivers made by Sony is the STRDH520 because it has an impressive set of features, while still maintaining a reasonable price range. All of its 7 channels can have up to 100W of power each. The surround sound resulting for all the channels is of high quality, managing to enhance every movie’s special atmosphere. Also, the top rated home theater receivers reviews are impressed by the high number of audio codecs it can support.

“I finally have managed to induce a cinema like experience to my living room, with the help of the Sony STRDH520. What more can I want from a receiver? Since I got it I haven`t experienced one small problem coming from it.” Anthony Darnwell

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Sony STR-DA5800ES AV Receiver


Sony STR-DA5800ES is a marvel of technology and is a tool for professionals. This model is a latest generation receiver, capable of supporting nine different channels for an unprecedented surround sound. It has an astonishing number of HDMI inputs, no more, no less than 11, which grant you possibilities like no other receiver. The Ultra HD 4K pass trough capability and upscaling feature for DVDs, have convinced the top rated home theater receivers reviews to consider it as a prime candidate for the best receiver of this year.

“I`ve just spent a fortune on it but it is worth every penny. I am a movie enthusiast, so I will stop at nothing to improve my movie experience. With this last piece to my home theater system, I feel I have my own private cinema in my home. An outstanding receiver!” Ronald Thomas

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Sony STRDH830 A/V Receiver


Another reliable option for your home theater system is the Sony STRDH830 because it has many wonderful features, ensuring a unforgettable surround sound. The controls are easy to master and you will figure out the intuitive menu in a jiffy. The visual aspects are not neglected because it supports Full HD images for 2D and 3D as well. Also, upscaling a DVD’s video quality is possible, a feature which has caught the attention of the best Sony home theater receivers reviews.

“I was pleased with what the STRDH830 had to offer me. I put to the test at home and it passed with high marks. After I have used it extensively, I recommend it because it doesn’t lack any feature.” Walter Hopkins

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Sony STR-DH740 AV Receiver


Ultra HD images can only be supported by the very best receivers and the Sony STR-DH740 capable of this elusive feature. You will be able to use a USB port for charging or listening to music directly from your smartphone. There are 4 HDMI inputs, so you can connect more than one devices to the receiver and make them work simultaneously. Audio decoding formats, specific for blu-ray players, can also be supported. These features and more come at a very affordable price.

“I read reviews, so I could make up my mind which receiver to get for my home theater system. The choice I made through the Sony STR-DH740, turned out to be a great one and now I manage to enjoy even more my favorite movies and music.” Jack Bridge

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