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Best Home Theater Receivers Reviews

Best Pioneer home theater receivers reviews

Best Pioneer home theater receivers reviews


Top home theater receivers from Pioneer


Pioneer is a very well known brand throughout the world especially for its top sound equipment. Home theater receivers are one of their speicalities and untill now they have manufactured a lot of top models. To help you buy the best possible device from Pioneer here is a top selection from this brand. The best home theater receivers reviews have approved this list and recommend the models listed below.


Pioneer VDX-1023-K AV Receiver


Best Pioneer home theater receivers reviewsQuality sound is achieved by the Pioneer VDX-1023-K because it supports a lot of different formats like: Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and many more. It can send balanced sound across 7 different channels for creating the ultimate movie atmosphere. It is also compatible with almost all smartphones so you can play music directly from them. It even has a ECO Mode which takes away a bit of its performances but consumes less energy.

“The Pioneer VDX-1023-K has delighted me with its features so far and it hasn`t let me down yet. For me it is a well balanced receiver which while not the best or most expensive one on the market still delivers everything you would expect from a reliable receiver.” Bryan Burton

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Pioneer VSX-823-K AV Receiver


The top rated home theater receivers reviews have shown why the Pioneer VSX-823-K is considered such a good solution for your home. One feature for which it is praised for is the Ultra HD capabilities, which means it can support 4k resolution pictures. Alongside these impressive characteristics it will provide an excellent surround sound with its 5 channels which can operate at between 80W and 140W. The menu is easy to learn, as well.

“I was looking for an affordable receiver and I finally found one to my liking when I decided to buy this one. I was especially looking for the Ultra HD option because the pictures are breathtaking. A great receiver at a great price!” James Wesson

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Pioneer VDX-1123-K AV Receiver


A lot of features recommend the Pioneer VDX-1123-K for your home so you can listen to music or watch movies in prime conditions. It is equipped with wireless like a latest generation receiver should be, so you can stream with the help of your phone or other devices music straight off the internet. It is also able to upscale DVDs to near 1080p resolutions making great old movies even greater. These features and more have impressed the best Pioneer home theater receivers reviews. 

“This Pioneer receiver has some amazing features which have made the movies which I watch (Marvel inspired movies) that much better. For the first days after I bought it I was stuck like glue in front of my HDTV because the sound quality was so much improved by the VDX-1123-K.” Larry Stevens

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Pioneer SC-1522-K AV Receiver


Most of the top rated home theater receivers reviews have stated that the Pioneer SC-1522-K is a must have if you are a movie enthusiast and you are looking for a receiver to improve your cinematic experience at home. While most of its competitors have 7 channels this model goes beyond that and can support 9 different ones. Also you can find AirPlay capabilities because of its reliable built-in Wi-Fi. It is compatible whith systems using Mac and Windows.

“A latest generation receiver which anihilates all the competion. I paid a little bit extra for it but when you want upscaling, Ultra HD, wireless, 9 different channels to use, it is normal that you are prepared to spend more than for a normal one. Brilliant receiver!” Chris Downing

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Pioneer VSX-523-K AV Receiver


The Pioneer VSX-523-K is a low price solution for a great receiver with some very nice characteristics. For this moderate price range it comes equipped with 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output so it manges to offer you a lot of connectivity options. Also you will have access to an Eco Mode which will consume less power. The the best Pioneer home theater receivers reviews have recommended this model as a great entry-level one so you get accustomed with what a receiver can do.

“For a low budget solution this is the best receiver possible. Having Ultra HD even in this price range is a definite plus which you won`t be able to find in most other receivers. There has been almost half a year from when I bought it and I am pleased with its capabilites!” Frank Griffin

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