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Best Home Theater Receivers Reviews

Best Onkyo home theater receivers reviews

Best Onkyo home theater receivers reviews


Top rated home theater receivers from Onkyo


Home theater receivers can be the difference between a good video and audio quality and a top one. Onkyo is one of the best manufacturers of A/V receivers with many excellent models created by them. The models which are presented below are  recommended by the best home theater receivers reviews because they have the right characteristics. Each of them have what it takes to give you a top cinematic experience.


Onkyo HT-RC430 Home Theater Receiver


Best Onkyo home theater receivers reviewsThe Onkyo HT-RC430 can prove to be very useful to have in your living room for a superior audio and video level. This is a 5.1 receiver and every of the 5 channels can operate at 60W and produce 8 ohms each. An USB is located in the front panel so you can play music directly from your from and iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. These features and more make the top rated home theater receivers reviews acknowledge its quality.

“I had a great set of speakers, so I just needed a home theater receiver for them. I choose the Onkyo HT-RC430 and I am completely happy with my investment which hasn`t let me down so far after a month of using it.” George Frick

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Onkyo TX-NR626 Audio/Video Receiver


The TX-NR626 is one of the newest models from Onkyo which has made a huge impression on the best Onkyo home theater receivers reviews. It has 7 channels for as many speackers which don`t all have to be located in the same room. Six HDMI inputs allow you to have a great deal of options for connecting different HD devices such as gaming consoles for example. Also you will be able to find a useful built-in Wi-Fi capability.

“A receiver with everything you could possibly want from one. Having speakers in different rooms is a great advantage especially when you want to listen to music and doing chores at the same time. Top quality receiver for sure.” Daniel Kane

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Onkyo TX-NR509 A/V Receiver


This 5.1 channel receiver has some top features to give you a complete audio and video experience. It has an excellent quality to price ratio which makes it a very popular choice around the US and not only. Very simple to set up and you won`t need any time to figure out the controls because they are easy to learn. Also you will find 4 HDMI inputs and a USB port on the front panel for extra connectivity.

“I searched for a receiver with good capabilities and an affordable price and I managed to hit the jackpot through the Onkyo TX-NR509. I heard that the TX series from Onkyo were all top receivers but I didn`t pay much attention to it untill I got one.” Steve White

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Onkyo TX-NR525 Audio/Video Receiver


Another excellent solution for your home can be found in the Onkyo TC-NR525 which the best Onkyo home theater receivers reviews find very reliable. On its back panel it has an impressive number of HDMI inputs, no more no less than 6, with which you can connect multiple devices to it. Its menu is easy to master and you will know all its secrets in no time. You can even control speakers which are in another room beacause of the Wi-Fi capabilities.

“So many advantages come with 6 HDMI ports. I was looking for a receiver with many HDMI ports and the TX-NR525 is just that. I am a dedicated gamer so I really benefit from added connectivity options. This is an excellent receiver!” Matt Andrews

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Onkyo TX-NR717 Home Theater A/V Receiver


The Onkyo TX-NR717 is a receiver which has integrated wi-fi for having access to the internet and streaming quickly movies and music. Due to this trait it can use 7 different speakers in multiple rooms. The two USB ports are another positive feature for direct connectivity to smartphones and memory drives. If you download a free app you can use your smartphone as its remote. These and many more features have been praised by the top rated home theater receivers reviews.

“Wi-Fi is a option which nowadays receivers must have. I bough the TX-NR717 for this among other things and I can say that it performs admirably. The sound is of high quality to all its 7 channels and you really feel it when your are watching a flick because you are teleported into the middle of the movie`s action like you are one of the characters.” John Wiggins

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